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Founded in 2010, Card&Beyond, Inc. specializes in integrated POS payment solutions and has been growing fast thanks to our merchants’ trust. Our Interchange Plus Pricing is the most transparent, low-cost credit card processing plan.

With Card&Beyond, there are no
long-term contracts
early cancellation fees
minimum processing fees

POS Solutions Right for Your Business Type

Our payment experts will recommend the POS system that best fits your business. Discover smart, convenient integrated POS solutions. We will build a more intelligent business environment for you.

Everything you need for your business in a POS

Our POS systems are designed to contain everything your business needs and perfectly support all the services you require.

Table Map

Manage reservations and orders with a table map with the same layout as the actual dining area

Online Reservations

Reservation notifications are sent to customers by text, and you can receive booking deposits.


Send discount event alerts using texts and emails to attract more customers


Encourage your customers to return again and again using customer loyalty programs

Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are provided and can be purchased and redeemed using smartphones

Happy Hour

Set happy hours to apply different discounts during specific time periods

Customer Management

Customer information and transaction details are stored to enable tailored marketing using customer data

Employee Management

Our POS systems manage the work hours for each employee and calculate wages and tips automatically


Receive feedback from your customers and communicate with them directly


Online Business Solutions

Our web designers will create websites that fit your needs through individual consultation.


Best Payment Solution in the Industry

Our expert team members provide the best payment solutions in the industry for our merchants’ business success.


Internet Solutions That Stay Connect

Have you ever experienced issues due to Internet disconnection caused by weather or an unstable network? To resolve such issues, we provide our customers with wireless and OTP connection services. We constantly monitor and manage our devices and networks to support stable internet connections 24/7, 365 days a year.

Many business owners have already enjoyed our services.

We are growing with countless companies all over the US. Our services are available in all American states.

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“I saved thousands of dollars per year in fees after moving to Card&Beyond. Their customer service is top-notch. Staff members in all departments including sales, technicians, and customer service have professional knowledge and have always resolved my problems on the phone. I plan to stay partnered with this company for really a long time.”

Partnerships With Trust

Enjoy special benefits
from Card & Beyond!

  • Clover resellerMINI or FLEX

  • Free credit card terminal

  • No contract

  • No minimum processing fees

  • Free onsite installation of POS and credit card terminals

  • Free support service for POS and credit card terminals

  • Unlimited free replacement of POS and credit card terminals

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